More of Alex’s friends! <3


Panel 1 (Alex and Imogen scooch into the booth, displacing Caleb and Sparrow)
Caleb: How was the drive?
Sparrow: All three hours of it?
Alex: It’s only like an hour, geez.
Sparrow: It may as well be Mars.

Panel 2 (Kinsey reaches across the table and shakes hands, in front of Alex)
Kinsey: It’s good to finally meet you. Alex has been blowing up our group chat about you.
Alex: Not true.

Panel 3 (Sparrow leans in, teasing Alex, who grimaces)
Sparrow: Only because she hates typing on her phone.
Alex: The internet was a mistake.

Panel 4 (Alex smirks as Imogen looks down, off-panel, concerned)
Friends, off-panel: Hypocrite!

Panel 5 (textless; a fancy table setting with multiple glasses, plates, and utensils)