Uh oh. Whoops. Hmm.

With thanks to The French Laundry, who had this menu sometime in 2010 and so is probably hopelessly out of vogue in culinary fashion but had juuust the right amount of language inaccessible to poor suburban moms like me and Imogen. 😀

I’ll be at PAX this weekend, freshly blue-dyed and kicking around with Kev. If you see me, say hi!!


Panel 1 (Imogen, offering Alex a menu)
Imogen: Do you need a…?
Alex: Oh, no, I already know what I’m getting.

Panel 2 (A close-up of an elegant menu with a generous smattering of French culinary terms)
Alex, off-panel: Get whatever you want; I’ve got it.
Imogen, off-panel: There are… no prices?
Alex, off-panel: Don’t worry about it.

Panel 3 (Kinsey, head resting on her chin as she grins)
Kinsey: Alex dated the head chef. She has privileges.

Panel 4 (Alex, grimacing)
Alex: Yeah… probably not anymore…

Panel 5 (Caleb, looking concerned)
Caleb: Are you and Eris still not talking?

Panel 6 (Imogen, also looking concerned)
Alex, off-panel: Not… exactly.

Panel 7 (A close up of Alex, looking spooked)
Friend, off-panel: Speak of the devil.