See also: my excited clapping to introduce Eris, oh my gosh

Friends! I will be at Rose City Comic Con this weekend, at table S09! RCCC is my last show of the year, and I love it so much – Portland, always a blast every time I see you – so please stop by the table if you’re in the area and say hi! The best part of doing this is meeting you and nerding out about comics and moms kissing. <3 <3


Panel 1 (open panel, a portrait of Eris: a beautiful woman in a chef uniform with a high ponytail carrying a pitcher of mimosas)
Eris: Hello everyone. Alex.
off-panel: Hey, Eris.

Panel 2 (no dialogue; Alex is glaring daggers at Alys, who is shrugging cheerfully)

Panel 3 (Eris pours mimosa into a glass)
Eris: How’s life in the suburbs? As quiet as you expected?

Panel 4 (Alex looking up mulishly at Eris, as Imogen sits beside her, also looking at Eris)
Alex: There’s good parts.

Panel 5 (Eris, looking down with a smug look)
Eris: How’s the house?
Alex: Fine.
Eris: I’m surprised you haven’t sold it yet. That’s quite the commitment – for you.