It’s Wednesday, my dudes. đŸ˜€

Hello to anyone who started reading after meeting me at RCCC, and BIG THANKS to the people who stopped by to say hello and talk about the comic! The weekend started a little rough (my fault, for forgetting a bunch of things), but honestly any time someone came by I felt instantly 100% again. Thank you everyone who’s ever come to see me at a convention, you’re the best part about doing comics. <3

Feeling a little back on track since returning from RCCC, and very uplifted by the fact that from now until well into 2020, my weekends have nothing more stressful going on than a few kids birthday parties. Aah, the fallow season… looking forward to it…


Panels 1-3 (Imogen looking up at Eris, who is looking down at her with a judgemental look, and looking away in discomfort)

Panel 4 (Multiple framed photographs hanging on the wall, depicting Eris shaking hands with various important-looking people)
Eris: Sorry I can’t eat with you today; we’re prepping for an event tonight. Maybe next week. Enjoy the meal.

Panel 5 (Imogen looking over her shoulder at Eris as Eris walks away)
Friends, off-panel: Bye, Eris.

Panel 6 (Kinsey, looking around at Eris as she leaves)
Kinsey: Shoulda put a ring on it, Alex.
Alex, off-panel: It was never going to work.

Panel 7 (Caleb laughing at Alex, who looks sad/uncomfortable)
Imogen, off-panel: Did she not want to move to the new house?
Caleb: No, the problem was that she did.

Panel 8 (Alex, giving a frosty side-eye)
Alex: Don’t work for free, Caleb.