<3 <3 <3 Happy Wednesday, y’all. It’s been a bummer of a week for me, because I threw out my back on Friday and spent most of the weekend horizontal. How nice of my body to lay me out during the days I usually work on comics! It’s my first time dealing with this particular ailment and I gotta tell ya: I don’t like it much!!

At least it’s the spooky season to help me get through. I am NOT doing Inktober or any other October challenges, because I have too many video games to get through, honk honk. 😀


Panel 1 (Kinsey, fingers interlaced, looking somehow both innocent and guilty)

Panel 2 (A closer shot of Kinsey’s tight smile)
Kinsey: So! Imogen! What do you do!

Panel 3 (Imogen bashfully pushes her hair behind her ear)
Imogen: Oh, nothing interesting, not like you guys. I’m just a stay-at-home mom.

Panel 4 (Kinsey, Caleb, and Sparrow look at Imogen in various shades of thinly veiled confusion and/or horror)

Panel 5 (open; the three talk over each other)
Kinsey: Well, someone’s got to do it!
Sparrow: Thank goodness some people are suited for it.
Kinsey: I think it’s admirable.
Caleb: I agree. Many people think it’s unfeminist to sacrifice your individuality in order to raise a family, but it’s one of the most selfless things you can do…
Kinsey: I don’t know how you do it!
Caleb: More people should be supported in their choice to leave the workforce.
Sparrow: I would simply die of boredom, though.
Kinsey: Not that you’re boring!!

Panel 6 (Alex looks over at Imogen, catching the strained look on her face)
Sparrow, off-panel: No, of course not, I simply meant…