Sometimes, your girl needs a whole page to process her emotions!! I know, I wish I could hug her too.

Happy belated Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadian readers! I hope you had a good long weekend and a bounty for which to be thankful this year. Me, I’m thankful to everyone who made it possible this year for me to return to freelancing and working on comics full-time. Y’all are literally the reason I can do this, and this means that I have the time to care for my daughter who needs a little extra help right now, like I talked about in my other comic. You’re a godsend, and I’m so happy you’re here. <3


Panel 1 (full page; a view of a city street from sidewalk-level, only a claustrophobic portion of which is in colour down the center of the page. Imogen stands on the sidewalk, arms crossed, head tipped back as she cries)
Imogen: Stupid… stupid… what did you think was going to happen?