me: comics is about being efficient with your time
also me: this panel is one inch tall and contains an entire city block


Panel 1 (textless; Imogen looking over with a curious expression)

Panel 2 (textless; a busy city street corner with the same bookstore from Page 3)

Panel 3 (Imogen peers in through the door, which chimes as she enters)

Panel 4 (An employee hails Imogen as she walks through the crowded, dim bookstore among stacks of books)
Employee: Hi! Can I help you find something?
Imogen: Oh, no! I’m just… waiting for a friend!

Panel 5 (Imogen takes a seat in a comfortable armchair, among stacks of disorganized books)
Alex, over text message: are you ok?

Panel 6 (Imogen typing intently on her phone)
Imogen, text: I’m actually not feeling well, sorry!! I think if I eat something, it’ll be worse.
Imogen, text: I’m just gonna get some fresh air.
Imogen, text: Please say sorry for your friends for me. They seemed really nice.