We did it! The monster at the end of this chapter is Imogen’s inferiority complex being validated by everyone she encounters! What a feel-good story about two people falling in love eventually. 😀

Thanks for reading along with chapter five! As usual, I’m gonna take a handful of weeks to recover, recenter, and script the next chapter! So, see y’all again on the Motherlover channel on November 26! How Baby updates continue as normal. <3

Happy Halloween!!

ETA November 25: And then I went and messed up my back and shoulder again, and they’ve been on fire for days. Need another little bit to get this one going, friendos. 😀


Panel 1 (Alex and Imogen, both looking at their phones)
Alex, in text: omg don’t be pregnant again your husband is a dick
Imogen, in text: omg no it’s not that I promise!!
Alex, in text: Do you want me to come sit with you?
Imogen, in text: No, it’s okay. Just let me know when you’re done and I’ll meet you at the car.
Imogen, in text: I’m really sorry.
Alex, in text: kk. I hope you feel better soon.

Panel 2 (textless; Imogen sits with her face in her hands)