And we’re back! Sorry for the wait; I’ve been battling some back and shoulder pain something fierce, and it’s taking a lot out of me to keep up with everything that needs drawn. But! Back at it again for another chapter! This one’s been rattling around in the ol’ brainpan since the early days of outlining, I hope I can do it justice.


Panel 1 (textless; Imogen unloads bags from the open trunk of her car, while her three youngest boys race across their backyard to Nolan, playing in a pile of leaves while Alex rakes. Imogen and Alex are waving at each other.)

Panel 2 (Imogen climbs the back stairs of her house, talking on the phone and carrying a hockey bag)
Imogen: …and THEN the coach said that if Lucas keeps getting in fights, he’s off the team, even if they started it… no, no, I know,I told him about the name-calling, but Lucas can’t go around punching people, even if they are wearing a helmet.

Panel 3 (Imogen leans out her back door)
Imogen: Boys! Get out of the leaves or Ms. Koenig’s gonna make you rake them all up yourselves!

Panels 4 and 5 (textless; Imogen flicks the light switch in her kitchen on, but nothing happens. She tries a few times.)

Panel 6: (Imogen, complaining into the phone pressed against her shoulder)
Imogen: And now the power’s out, too?