Look at all these cute Imogens, aaaaah~

<3 happy motherlover day! <3


Panel 1 (Imogen shivering in her dark kitchen, while Lucas slinks in behind her)
Imogen: Ohmygod, it’s the same temperature in here as it is outside.

Panel 2 (Imogen’s phone, displaying a phone call to Jonathan)
Imogen: What do you mean, “I’ll take care of it?”
Imogen: Okay, do whatever you have to do.

Panel 3 (Imogen leaning out from her back porch, calling out to Alex)
Imogen: Alex! Do you have power?
Alex: Yeah, we’re fine. Yours out?

Panel 4 (Imogen, looking strained/hopeful)
Lucas, off-panel: Mom! There’s no hot water!
Imogen: Nada, and it’s freezing. Can we camp out at yours?

Panel 5 (Alex, wiping sweat from her brow)
Alex: Of course! Come on over!