Did I finally nail Alex’s hair to my satisfaction for the first time in six chapters? Sssh, ssh.

It’s always a trip to redraw environments after a few months. This is the same kitchen from the beginning of chapter four, but I’m so much more happy with it!

Next Wednesday is Christmas (!!), so I’m gonna take this week off of Motherlover to be with my family. Same bat-time in the new year, though: January 1! We’ll be living in the proper future, then!!


Panel 1 (Alex lets Imogen &co into her kitchen, which is clean and sparse)
Alex: Have you had dinner yet?
Imogen: No, not yet, we came straight from hockey.
Alex: I can put something on, if you want. It’s not fancy; most of the time I do those meal prep things, but I’ve got some frozen stuff.

Panel 2 (Alex, seen from inside the freezer, while Imogen takes off her hat and laughs)
Alex: Sorry, your kids are probably used to homecooked meals every day.
Imogen: Pfft, no!!

Panel 3 (Imogen, with Lucas in a headlock as she ruffles his hair)
Imogen: Anything is fine. What these guys need is a wash. Stinky hockey boys!
Alex: Oh, sure! Nolan, can you show Lucas where we keep the towels?