Happy new year!! Start the new year the way you intend to continue: in my case, finishing a comic page early enough in the night that I can binge-watch television shows with Kev. 😀

(We’re watching The Witcher. The only way I can convince myself to “waste time” watching TV is to make it an event, apparently. I procrastinate more on my media consumption more than I do on chores, istg. But that’s gonna change! My resolution for 2020 is to kick back more often and enjoy the vast and deep ocean of content out there waiting to be enjoyed.)

I hope your new year brings a fresh start if you need it, good fortune if you could use it, and good health for everyone! I’m looking forward to another year blessed with the support 2019 brought me to keep making comics.


Panel 1 (Alex holding a box of frozen food while Imogen leans over her shoulder, taking off her scarf)
Alex: Chicken fingers or fish sticks?
Imogen: Both? Both is good. Here, let me help.
Alex: I can handle putting things on trays! Why don’t you go pick out something to drink.

Panel 2 (Imogen kneeling down to look into a wine rack + fridge built into the kitchen counters)
Imogen: Um…
Alex: I’m not sure what pairs best with fish sticks, so pick whatever.

Panel 3 (Imogen looking dubiously at a bottle of wine in her hands)
Imogen: Uh, I think I’m good with water.
Alex: Oh, sure, there’s a thingy in the fridge door.

Panel 4 (Imogen fills a glass at the fridge dispenser. On the fridge, there is a holiday postcard with two men laughing and smiling on a tropical beach. One is dark-skinned with long locs, the other is tan-skinned with short hair.)

Panel 5 (textless; Imogen holds two glasses and looks down, at the photo on the fridge, with a questioning look)