Look, sometimes you dick around on Picrew for most of a workday and get wild ideas about how to draw hair. It happens. Lindsay can have little a level up, as a treat.


Panel 1 (Imogen, from behind, bringing water over to Alex, who’s holding a sheet tray)
Imogen: Is that your brother on the fridge? He looks like you.
Alex: Yeah, we used to get that a lot. He played violin with me.

Panel 2 (Alex, looking distant)
Alex: We were like a… matched set.
Imogen, off-panel: Cute!
Alex: Mm, people… really liked it.

Panel 3 (Alex and Imogen sitting across from each other at the table, just their hands holding their water)
Imogen: He doesn’t play any more?
Alex: No, he stopped when we were teenagers.

Panel 4 (A junk drawer/shelf, somewhere, with keys, papers, other detritus, and a book with a yellowed receipt bookmark, titled ‘Eiji Koenig, Living With Purpose’)
Imogen, off-panel: What did he end up doing instead?
Alex, off-panel: Oh, you know.

Panel 5 (close-up of Alex, looking away, unimpressed)
Alex: Backpacked for a while, found himself, got really into the idea of telling other people how they
should live their lives. We’re not super close, for the above reasons.