Scare chord! Happy Wednesday. 😀

Just a lil note to say that the game I’m working on, I Was a Teenage Exocolonist, is participating in the Steam games fest, and you can play the demo for free! And then join our Discord to let us know what you think! We’re doing a Q&A across all our social medias today (Wednesday) at noon PST, so it would be cool if you could fire us a question and give us a reason to talk about our game we love so much. <33


Panel 1 (Alex and Eiji’s home, looming)
Alex, v/o: What the– there are no ghosts, Eiji.
Eiji, v/o: Not literally. Metaphorically. They’re gone, but you’re living like they’re still here. Like you’re living in service to their memory.

Panel 2 (Alex, yelling, gesticulating in frustration)
Alex: Maybe you should’ve tried living with a little service! I could’ve used the help! It’s your duty to help your family!

Panel 3 (Eiji, looking conciliatory)
Eiji: Alex, you—you don’t owe a debt to our parents. I know they made you think that, but they were just controlling you.

Panel 4 (Eiji hands, palms up in explanation)
Eiji: Not realizing that until adulthood is really common among people with abusive parents—

Panel 5 (textless, Alex jerking her head back with a ‘tch!’)