;__________; okay


Panel 1 (Alex and Eiji’s parents, a regal-looking older couple)
Alex, v/o: Wh- h- abusive? Since when?
Eiji, v/o: Uh, since forever? Since we were kids?
Alex, v/o: Sure, Eiji: the fancy private school, the music lessons, tuition so I could study music overseas—

Panel 2 (Close up of Eiji, looking sincere and sad)
Eiji:  —the constant fear of fucking up, the expectation we do everything they said, freezing us out if we dared question them? The constant surveillance? Picking on our friends and partners for not being good enough?

Panel 3 (Alex, looking confused, stunned, hurt, her hand to her chest—)
Alex: But—they never hit us.