Is this chapter when I develop a consistent way to colour night scenes? We’ll see! We’ll be here… a few weeks.

Apologies to any Melissas.

EDIT: Kudos to Alabibecia in the comments for making me realize the Imogen’s texts to Jonathan would be in his text history… sometimes it takes a village. Edited the comic and transcript to reflect that.


(Another page with no dialogue! We’re almost done these. Imogen stands at the doorway to the ensuite bathroom, looking at Jonathan in bed. She looks resolved. She sneaks across the floor and grabs his phone, unlocking it with his thumbprint. We just assume this is before phones widely stopped using thumb ID scans, because it was scripted in like 2019 and it reads better than Face ID. Imogen scrolls the text messages:)

___aglardi, 9:45PM: Yeah, that’s no problem – we’ll get to it tmrw.
Melissa Bainbridge, 2:42PM: OMG NOooo haha!! Did you change it?
Ginny Dawson, 2:06PM: oh yeah that makes sense! duh! haha thank you!!