A day late because moving kicked my ass, but we’re here!


Panel 1 (Imogen looks with concern at Alex, who looks away)

Panel 2 (Alex flips the dishtowel over her shoulder and turns away)
Alex: Well, let’s start with your clothes…
Imogen: Hey!

Panel 3 (Alex shrugs as she walks away)
Alex: Let’s focus on you.

Panel 4 (Imogen goes into her laundry room while Alex’s attention is grabbed by something off-panel)
Imogen: So… how much should I bring?
Alex: Just what you need for now – we can always come back for more later.

Panel 5 (close-up of Imogen’s wedding photo; Alex’s shadow in the reflection falls over Jonathan because we are NOT afraid of being heavy-handed in this house)

Panel 6 (Alex flips the photo facing down, frowning)