I M O G E N baby


Panel 1 (Alex looks behind her, towards where Imogen is speaking from off-panel)
Imogen: So, um… it was Eris, right?
Alex: Yeah, but… it was different.

Panel 2 (Alex, close-up, introspective)
Alex: She wanted your kind of family life. I was the one who screwed up, pushed her away.

Panel 3 (Imogen emerges from the laundry room with a hockey duffle bag)
Imogen:  I don’t think you s-screw- maybe it just wasn’t right.
Alex: Mm.

Panel 4 (Imogen spreads her arms, putting on a smile)
Imogen: I mean… look at me. Maybe the whole happy family thing…

Panel 5 (extreme close-up of Imogen’s mouth)
Imogen: …is kind of lie, anyway.