T-two-two splash pages in this chapter, hoo boy!! How much have you been waiting for this showdown, since, like, Chapter 2?

And with that, I’m going to do a little mini-break in the middle of this chapter – it’s a long one, so I need the time to sorta recalibrate before we get into some more meaty fun narrative stuff with Alex confronting Jonathan. Just one week, back on November 3!


Panel 1 (textless; close-up of a bouquet in the passenger seat of a car, fast food bag in the footwell)

Panel 2 (textless; close-up of Jonathan behind the wheel of the car; in the foreground hanging from the rearview mirror is a cross and one of those cheap paper air fresheners)

Panel 3 (huge textless panel; Jonathan steps out of the car and looks up at Alex, who is staring down at him from their back porch)