Happy Motherlover March!

…I’ve decided it’s Motherlover March because for the next five weeks, Motherlover will actually be set in the month in which it’s being posted. I think this has happened, like… once. Woo!


Panel 1 (Imogen collecting cups and garbage)
Alex, off-panel: I don’t think this house has seen this much action in years.
Imogen: I know, sorry, I’m trying to keep them from wrecking everything…

Panel 2 (Imogen turning away from Alex, extreme foreground)
Imogen: Adrian spilled milk this morning so everything went in the wash… so since I was doing laundry anyway, I ran your hamper through. Haven’t had time to fold it yet, so if you need something for rehearsal it’s probably in a pile still…

Panel 3 (Imogen washing dishes, Alex with her hand on her shoulder. In the background, Gavin enters)
Imogen: And the gardener called to remind you that the… bor-gan-vee-yah? …need to be cut back this month, and-
Alex: Hold on, you did all that today?

Panel 4 (Alex, close up, as Imogen turns away again)
Alex: You know you don’t have to earn your keep, right?

Panel 5 (Imogen putting the hairdressing smock thing (??) on Gavin)
Imogen: I know! It helps me keep my mind off everything, honestly.