[big breath]

This story beat has been in the script since the beginning, but it feels oddly prescient that it’s finally happening now, during a time when trans people, trans kids especially, are the subject of such public scrutiny. It is disheartening that it would be harder for Lucas to transition now than it was in 2018.

Even though it seems dire out there for us, I’m grateful to be telling this story in my small part of the world. Showing a trans kid being immediately loved for being who they are shouldn’t be unusual or revolutionary, a hard-line political stance, and I hate that it feels more like that every day. Still, it’s something tangible I can do. I hope it helps push back the darkness a little.


Panel 1 (Alex in the foreground, as Imogen rubs her face)
Alex: But you two talked it out?
Imogen: Yeah.

Panels 2-3 (Imogen begins speaking, then hesitates)
Imogen: Thanks for not getting mad at, uh…

Panel 4 (Imogen looks at Alex before speaking the last word)
Imogen: …her?

Panel 5: (textless, Alex reaction shot)

Panel 6 (Alex and Imogen smiling tentatively)
Alex: You have… a daughter?
Imogen: …yeah. Yeah, I think so.

(It goes without saying, but I’m brooking no transphobia in the comments. If you breathe a hint of bigotry into my comments, especially under the guise of ‘debate’, it’s getting shut down – trans lives are not under debate here.)