I seem to have this curse where, when I get ahead on Motherlover pages like I am now, I end up needing to use my buffer for some medical emergency. This time, I sprained my fingers pretty badly and can’t hold a pen, so I’m very glad for this many-weeks buffer so I can give it some much-needed rest. D:

Thank you for all the lovely comments on last week’s comic. Now that it’s all in the open, I’m so relieved that the Lucas (for now) mini-arc feels right for the people it needs to feel right for. Your comments were really heartening.


Panel 1 (Alex, looking pensive)
Alex: Um, actually… thank you for… you know. Trying to understand her…

Panel 2 (Imogen looks on at Alex, listening)
Alex: …instead of being disappointed. It… wasn’t always like that, in this house.

Panels 3-5 (Imogen slowly reaches out and wraps her arms around Alex)

Panel 6 (Lucas tries to sneak out from the basement behind them)
Lucas: Uh… I’m gonna… go outside. Sorry.