Kind of left poor Alys Kinsey seeming like the bad guy last week… sorry, Alys, it was a bit of a surprise when your ex actually showed she has the capacity to be domestic with someone.


Panel 1 (down-shot of Alex, Imogen, and Kinsey’s dresses, Kinsey’s arms outstretched)
Alex: I didn’t let her, she needed a place to stay!
Kinsey: The whole with with Eris was that you didn’t want her to-

Panel 2 (Imogen, closeup)
Imogen: I-it’s not like that, really!

Panel 3 (Alex looks on in concern while Imogen looks ashamed/secretive)
Imogen: I’m… separating from my husband. The kids and I are only staying with Alex until I figure that out.

Panel 4 (Alex, explaining; Imogen, aaaaAAAA)
Alex: He was an asshole. Imogen’s going back to school.
Imogen: I mean, maybe! I’m looking into it!

Panel 5 (Imogen close-up, awkward)
off-panel: How good for you! It can be tough to start again.
off-panel: Best thing I ever did, though, even with kids.
off-panel: My husband’s non-profit works with battered women, do you want me to get you in touch?
Imogen: O-oh, that’s not necessary, thank you!