I am posting this from the past! Because hopefully, as you read this, I am sleeping and playing lots of video games while recovering from surgery. Scheduled posts… magic.


Panel 1 (textless; Alex looks around and spots a waiter carrying champagne)

Panel 2 (Alex pulling Imogen away from the group)
Alex: Oh, look, drinks! I’m parched. We’ll catch up later.
Imogen: It was so nice to meet you! Thanks!
off-panel: Good luck!

Panel 3 (Alex takes some champagne while Imogen collects herself)
Imogen: Oh my gosh, embarrassing!

Panel 4 (Alex hands Imogen a flute of champagne)
Imogen: I can’t tell if it’s worse if they assume we’re dating, or if they think I’m just a charity case to you.
Alex: Oh, dating, for sure. They’d be more sorry for you for that.