Still in recovery time! I have one more page in the hopper for next week completed, but then I’m through my buffer and haven’t managed to start on the next batch of pages yet – though, I’m sitting upright in my computer chair now, so that’s a good sign!


Panel 1 (Imogen, questioning)
Imogen: What? Why?

Panel 2 (Alex and Imogen from the back)
Alex: I… have a bit of a reputation for not letting people get close to me.
Imogen: Even Eris? You two almost moved in together.

Panel 3 (Alex, her eyes cut off, introspective)
Alex: She wanted to be the one to get me to settle down, but… I was terrible to her. Not just after my parents died and she wanted to move in. I just… pushed her away. They think you’re her because I never really invited her to stuff like this.

Panel 4 (close-up of Alex and Imogen’s champagne glasses)
Alex: It made it too real, and if it was real… I was just going to wreck it.

Panels 5+6 (Alex, looking exasperated then holding her head)
Alex: Which I did anyway, because: childhood trauma! It’s all in Eiji’s fucking book.