Hey, gang! First of all, thank you for your patience while I recovered from surgery. It was a surprisingly difficult recovery and I’m still not 100%, but I am at least able to focus on drawing again, which is a relief.

YES, we are finally at the fake dating chapter I had written in so many years ago, when I realized that I could incorporate whatever tropes I wanted to. Hooray! Poor Alex, she doesn’t know what to do with this information.

More pages to come in the following days!

This page features a cameo from patron Max and one of their family members, who has generously been supporting me at the top tier on Patreon. Thank you so much, Max! Your support – and everyone else’s! – keeps me able to keep making comics even when the industry, and the world, has made it so hard. I appreciate you so, so much!


Panel 1 (Sparrow kisses Alex’s cheek)
Alex: Sparrow, you made it.
Sparrow: I wouldn’t miss your triumphant return to the stage, darling.

Panel 2 (close-up, Alex and Imogen arm-in-arm)
Sparrow, off-panel: What’s this? No, don’t tell me. It was written on your faces the moment I saw her.

Panel 3 (Sparrow, flanked by two friends (thanks, patron Max!!)
Friend 1: Oh, is this a new girlfriend?
Friend 2: What does this one do?

Panel 4 (Alex, awkward)
Alex: Well, I…

“Panel” 5 (Imogen wrapping an arm around Alex, interrupting her cheerfully)
Imogen: Yep! I am! We’re madly in love!