Thank you so much for your patience! During the break, which was less of a ‘short break’ and more of a ‘take a whole entire break from everything, for once, thank god’, I did manage to fully complete this chapter before posting it, a feat that I have never managed but greatly, greatly hope to manage again, and again, until the comic is done!

I actually consulted a family lawyer for this chapter, so shoutout Danielle Glass for the legal assist! And also, this chapter features a cameo from long-time patron Allie Laabs. Thank you for your long-time support, Allie!

Welcome back, readers, I’m so happy you’re here and we can keep goin’ on this journey with Imogen and Alex together! <3


Panels 1-3 (textless, various images of a busy city)

Panel 4 (Through a door labelled ‘Family Law’, Imogen sits facing away from the viewer)
Voice: So if you left in March, that’s…

Panel 5 (Close up of a woman drawing her finger over a desk calendar)
Voice: …three, almost four months you’ve been separated already.