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Panel 1 (Imogen’s lawyer slides papers across the desk to Imogen)
Lawyer: Almost halfway through separation period before you can file for divorce. I’ve reviewed the first settlement offer from Mr. Dawson’s lawyer, here.

Panels 2+3 (Imogen reads, then looks up, unimpressed)
Imogen: …that’s it?

Panel 4 (Lawyer leaning forward to explain)
Lawyer: Unsurprisingly, he’s arguing for equal parenting time to not have to pay child support.
Imogen: He wants to be a parent now? The kids’ve been living with me full time since I left!
Lawyer: I think he believes that by moving out with Ms. Koenig, you’ve abandoned the marriage and children.

Panel 5 (Imogen rolling her eyes)
Lawyer, off-panel: …but, luckily, that’s not how it works. If you can provide a safe environment, it doesn’t matter if you’re living with a girlfriend or seeing a different one every night a week.
Imogen: Oh, geez.