Happy Wednesday!! Pretend I posted this earlier in the day. 🙂


Panel 1 (Establishing shot of Eris’s downtown apartment)

Panel 2 (food cooking in the frying pan)

Panel 3 (Eris cooking while Imogen sits at the bar)
Imogen: I wish I’d known I’d run into you today. There’s still a box of your things in my room at the house
Eris: You’re… living together? That’s…

Panel 4 (Eris lifting a spoonful of sauce)
Eris: …surprising. Here, try this. Not too much heat?

Panels 5-6 (Imogen rolling her eyes, then tasting the sauce with delight)
Imogen: Yeah, we get that a lot. I know she’s… protective of her space.
Imogen, tasting the sauce: Mmm!