I didn’t wait to post this until mid-Wednesday! Look at me, improving.


Panel 1 (Eris plates the fish while Imogen sits at the island)
Eris: Yes, that’s one way to put it. Alex has trouble opening up to people. Even people she says she loves.
Imogen: Yeah, I’ve noticed.

Panel 2 (Imogen, hesitant)
Imogen: Um… can I ask what happened with you two? Every keeps bringing it up, but…

Panels 3-4 (Eris pauses in thought before answering, wiping the edges of the plates clean)
Eris: She’s not a bad person.

Panel 5 (open panel; a much younger Eris looks fondly at an equally younger Alex)
Eris: I just… tried, more than she did, for too long. We’d been friends before she got pregnant. Dated, kind of. Not really. That’s just what we were all like, back then.