Happy Wednesday! <33

I really like this page. I know it feels like forever (…something like, five years…) since we first got the hint of what Eris and Alex’s relationship was like way back in the second chapter, and it’s always so nice to finally circle back and get to the thing you started so long ago. When this is a whole book you can read in one go, it’s going to be SUCH a different experience to read – almost like a new story. Thanks to you all, you brave souls reading it week-by-week (or chapter-by-chapter) – you’re the OG fans, and I appreciate you!!

The game I worked on won a brace of awards this past week: the Canadian Screen Award for Best Video Game, Gayming Magazine’s Authentic Representation Award, and Best Narrative for both the Canadian Game Awards and the Canadian Indie Game Awards. I’m still smiling like a goof about it!


Panel 1 (flashback; Eris is holding baby Nolan while Alex looks on from a hospital bed)
Eris, v/o: When she decided she wanted a kid, it was like a switch flipped. She didn’t want anything casual any more. But… I guess by then, I’d realized I’d fallen in love with her. I didn’t want to let her go. Her, or Nolan.

Panel 2 (flashback; Eris has her arm around Alex who is asleep with Nolan on her chest)
Eris, v/o: We all supported her deciding to go it alone. But, you know how it is. You need a lot more help to raise a baby than you realize.
Imogen, v/o: Yeah, I remember.

Panel 3 (flashback; Nolan toddling between a proud Eris and Alex, just off-panel)
Eris: Alex hated needing help. It makes her mean as hell. It was pretty much the only thing we fought about. But I loved her; I figured it was only a matter of time before she trusted me enough to believe that.

Panel 4 (flashback; Eris helping Alex load a moving van, Nolan and Kinsey in the background)
Eris: We’d been officially dating for about four years when her parents died, and she wanted to move away. And I thought… okay, now we can have this conversation. We can take the next step together. And… she didn’t want that.