Oh my gosh, it’s almost February. Things happen so much all the time!

On the topic of things happening too much, I have an update about Juno – though one tumor turned out to be stage two (meaning it had started to spread into the lymphatic system), they think they removed enough lymph nodes to have removed it! So, the best we have right now is that there’s no treatment necessary and we’ve graduated to ‘hopeful observation’. Thank goodness! It’s not as good as ‘no cancer’ or ‘everything was stage one and we got all of ’em’, but it’s certainly better than it could have been.


Panel 1 (People entering the house as Alex smiles at Imogen, overwhelmed)
Imogen: Actually, I’ll tell you later. I’ll go get the food.
Alex: Thank you!!

Panels 2-5 are textless, depicting Imogen moving through the house, getting a kiss on the cheek from Sparrow, waving at partygoers, then stepping out onto the back patio and flipping the double bird in the direction of her old house.