Hallo friends! Happy February! February means we’re in the SAME MONTH as my FIRST CONVENTION since 2019, and I’m feeling a little feral about it! I haven’t done a convention since Motherlover was just a baby, and now it’s full-grown and moving in with its girlfriend.

I’m going to be announcing my next comic soon… patrons have already gotten a sneak peek, but I’m aiming to have the prologue posted concurrently with or just after ECCC – I just need to (re)teach myself how to make a comic website, as I haven’t touched the WordPress backend since 2018 either. 😀


It’s a textless page! Four panels of the same room show time passing: Imogen feets Alex an hors d’oeuvre while talking to Eiji; the kids have a pillowfight while Imogen and Alex shepherd them into the basement; Alex, Imogen, Eiji, and Marcus sit at the table gabbing; and finally Imogen washes dishes while the rest of the adults gather in the foreground.